Copyright © 2013 Sunrise Studios, Inc. 1-800-839-1646 Movie Film Photos to DVD 50’ reel (3” diameter):  $9.95 100’ reel (4” diameter): $17.95 200’ reel (5” diameter): $34.95 300’ reel (6” diameter): $49.95 400’ reel (7” diameter): $64.95 Slides to DVD Slides (in carousel-type slide trays): $.69 Slides (not in carousel-type trays): $.99 DVD output charge:     $35.00 Movies (8mm, super 8 silent or sound or 16mm)  and slides are transferred on our state-of- the-art telecines for the best quality.  Minimum $100 order on film or slides transfer orders. Video to DVD Transfer Up to 2 hours of video transferred to DVD: $20.00 per tape VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi8, Ditigal 8, mini-DV or Betamax Additional 2 hour DVD from EP/SLP tape (recorded in 6 hour mode) $15.00 Additional DVD copies of video or film transfers: $9.95 per DVD Videotapes are digitally corrected during the transfer process.  There is minimal loss of quality, and many times the video on the DVD will look much better than the original videotape. We always recommend that you purchase an additional copy of your transfers.  You can put the copy in a safe deposit box so you will always have a good copy of your memories in case something should happen to your viewing DVDs.  You can then have new viewing copies made from the DVDs you have safely tucked away.  All DVD copies are considered masters. CLICK HERE to download our Movie Transfer & Slides Order Form (PDF) CLICK HERE to download our Video Transfer Order Form (PDF) Preserve Your Movies Thank you for purchasing one of our Groupons.  We specialize  in converting 8mm, super 8 and 16mm movies to DVD as well  as all formats of home video to DVD: VHS, 8mm, Hi-8, Digital8  and Mini-DV.  For self-service ordering, please print the order  form below and follow the simple instructions or  you can call  us toll-free at 1-800-839-1646 to speak with one of our  transfer specialists. Click here for Frequently Asked Questions.
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